Decision on Area and Housing Type
  • You need to decide what type of property and where to rent, since there are option of Apartment, Villa, Townhouse and Penthouse in different area.
  • You need to organize your budget which is important too.
Choose your Real Estate / Agent
  • you need to choose the Real Estate/ Agent that you trust who will be with you for the whole time and shows different property based on your budget and interest.
  • Prepare all documents required by the UAE Law and Regulations.
Rental Payments
  • At the time of signing the contract, the landlord requires the first cheque up front and if there are other cheques these are post-dated. Make sure the payment terms are clearly stated and agreed upon.
Other Payments
  • Tenants pay a deposit of 5% of the annual rent to the landlord as a security deposit. Real Estate Agencies also charge 5% of the annual rent as their agency fee. Once all this is done a tenancy contract is drawn up stating property details, payment terms, and details of the landlord and tenant.