Why Should I invest in Dubai

If you are looking to invest and start a business in Dubai, buying a property in Dubai is one of the best options. It is possible for foreign applicants to buy, sell and rent a property without special rules and regulations.

Among the cities of the UAE, investing in Dubai is the best option for foreign investors since the city attracts many investors from all over the world every year due to the sea routes that are located in the marine complex.

As you are aware, Dubai's growing economy has made the city in to a luxury and unique place, the tourism industry has a great impact on Dubai's economy. After Abu Dhabi (the capital city of the UAE), Dubai is known as the second richest city in the UAE.

Applicants who are wishing to obtain the UAE residency, must purchase a property worth AED 1 million (UAE dirham) in order to obtain residency in this way.

Advantages of staying in Dubai through investment listed as below:

Low tax payment: The UAE and its cities continue to impose zero tax on personal and legal income, and the only tax that must be paid is VAT, which has been a fixed 5% since 2018.

High quality of life: It is true that the cost of living in Dubai is expensive, but the residents of this city have a comfortable and high quality of life.

Dubai economy is growing significantly in various sectors.

Dubai Property Investor Visa

10 Years Visa;

- Invest at least 10 Million Dirham (10,000,000 AED)

5 Years Vis;

- Invest at least 5 Million Dirham (5,000,000 AED)

3 Years Visa;

- Invest at least 1 Million Dirham (1,000,000 AED)